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Before you ride one of our bikes you will need to complete a very quick and simple induction online below or in person with one of our volunteers at the bike shelter.

We advise that you have an induction in person so you can try the bikes out too.

In person induction form

Terms and conditions

Review the 8 induction items below and then fill in and submit the form.

1. Bike Shelter

On the day of your hire you need to get a code on the Spokesafe app to unlock the shelter.

Press "get my code" and enter the number given. This is a random code and will change throughout the day so when you bring the bike back you will have to do this again
to get a new number to gain entry.

The door is heavy so ensure you open it fully and secure with the drop bolt.

Entry code screen
door lock

When closing the shelter make sure the black drop bolt is closed properly as shown.

2. Keys and locks

key box.jpg

The keys for the bikes are kept in a locked box. Use the code given to you in the Spokesafe confirmation email to open the box. The keys are for the D lock and the chain lock with each bike.

Make sure you take good care of the keys and locks as if they are not safely returned with the bikes there will be a £75 replacement fee.

Take the two locks with you and use them to securely lock the bikes if you need to leave them unattended.

3. Bike Security


Make sure you lock the bikes when unattended. The D lock goes  through the frame and wheel and the chain lock through the frame and an fixed object such as a bike hoop or lamppost.

4. Charging the electric bikes


Please ensure that when you return the bike you plug the charger in and make sure it is charging ready for the next hirer. Keep the chargers off the floor to avoid any contact with water as the shelter is not water proof.


5. The electric controller


The bikes have power assist which means they assist you while riding, they do not have throttles and you do have to pedal. The bikes do have gears like regular bikes to assist with riding and several levels of power assist that you can choose while riding. Low power for regular level ground riding and high power for climbing hills or against strong head winds.

benno controller.jpg

6. Battery range


The battery should be fully charged when you take the bike away. The range (amount of miles) shown on the controller should not be taken literally.
You should half the amount shown to give a more realistic range, and remember to allow enough battery power to return the bike to the shelter.


7. What if I have a problem?


If you have a problem with the bike that means you cannot ride it back to the shelter, please secure the bike with the locks provided and contact us immediately. You will need to give us a precise location of where you have left the bike. Please send us a picture, a post code or you can use "". Please give a brief explanation of what is wrong with the bike.


With these or similar situations that you cannot return the bike, it is your responsibility to get yourself and your family home.

Please return the keys to the key box in the bike shelter.

We have a few numbers you can call if your problem is urgent:

07903745690,  07956635035,  07847120219.

If the bike is stolen, please report it to the police immediately and obtain a crime number and call us too with the number.

8. Spokesafe booking app


To make a booking you will need to register with our booking partner

You will need some photo ID during the registration and then you are ready to hire.

To make a booking you need to...

1. Select Colchester New Town Bike Hub

2. Complete the enquiry form

3. Receive an email containing payment link

4. Make your payment and view your booking

5. Make your payment and view your booking

If you need a hand contact or for urgent enquiries call their 24/7 customer support number
0203 628 0060.

You have finished the online induction. Please send the form below to confirm your completion. We will process your submission asap (allow 24hrs). Please visit our Facebook page to contact us if you require an urgent completion in order to hire a bike.

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