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Which Bike would you like to ride?

Babboe rain cover.jpg
Babboe rain cover_edited.jpg

The Babboe E Curve Mountain, can carry up to four young children or cargo or a mix of the two, up to 100kg. It will manage Colchester's hills easily and comes with a rain tent to keep the occupants nice and dry. The tricycle design means it is incredibly stable to ride.

Great for a day trip out and plenty of room for the little ones, all their stuff and for them to nap if needed. It is a true family bike that is loads of fun, safe with secure straps and practical with a superb wind/rain cover.


The Benno Boost is a Longtail cargo bike, like a regular e bike but with room at the back for one or two child seats plus plenty of room for shopping in the huge pannier bags. This bike can carry 65kg and is a lovely smooth ride.

Ideal to pop into town or to the shops and great for for the school run. The children will beg you to take them to school on the bike rather than complain about having to go to school! 



The Cube Cargo Hybrid 500 is a real workhorse, lots of space for cargo or two children, this bike also comes with a rain cover and can carry 65kg. Being a two wheeler it's a flexible ride. Great for nipping into town or taking the children out and about.

Kinda looks like the bat mobile! You'll feel like a superhero running round in this super sleek ride.


The Urban Arrow "Shorty" makes it easy to move around town, no matter what you use the bike for. Whether you’re out walking your dog in the park or heading to the market for your groceries. You’ll get there quickly, be hugely manoeuvrable and have a surprising amount of volume

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